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Lo mejor del campo a tu mesa

About us

frijol al minuto

Tasty, nutritious and ¡bien mexicanos!

At AL MINUTO®, we are a Mexican food company that has been providing you with natural, tasty, and functional foods for over 50 years. Our goal is to help improve your well-being by offering foods that have many benefits for you health.

Our team of farmers, growers, and food experts bring fresh flavors straight from the field to your table. Our products are packed with essential nutrients to keep you healthy, while preserving the authentic textures and flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine. Our pioneer brand, Frijol AL MINUTO®, which has become a go-to ingredient for expert chefs and everyday parents alike. Our beans are the perfect addition to any meal and taste just like homemade.

AL MINUTO® is a legacy of history, nutrition and tradition from the Mexican countryside for Mexico and the world.


We provide an efficient food option to the community with a high added value in cost and service. We raise the nutritional level of our consumers through the highest quality food with the flavor of Mexican cuisine.


We consolidate ourselves as an innovative and profitable company with great growth within the national market, achieving strengthening in each of the stages of our business. We adapt our products to the new market needs and to the satisfaction of our customers.


We live each day with our values at the heart of everything we do.

Our value chain
From field to the table




It begins with the planting of beans and other crops in the green fields of western Mexico. The joint work of peasants and farmers is the historical basis of our food.

cosecha de frijoles



We select our beans with total adherence to quality standards. After the plant pods dry for around 80 to 100 days, our farmers hand-harvest them.

procesamos frijoles al minuto



We receive the raw materials at our factory, where we determine the production of the foods: dehydrated beans or cooked beans, both elaborated by qualified artisan hands.

empacamos al minuto



We pack our products in recyclable packaging with designs that communicate the attributes of the countryside and the strength of the farmers that make AL MINUTO® an authentic family.

distribuimos al minuto



Thanks to the confidence of our alliances with distributors and marketplaces, it is possible to have our 100% Mexican products in different points of sale throughout the Mexican Republic.

nutrimos al minuto



Finally, we come to your dishes, in which you will enjoy the history, tradition and nutrition of our products, bringing "the best of the field to your table".