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Frijoles Instantáneos

Instand dried beans

Cook them however you like!


Frijol AL MINUTO® is very practical and easy to prepare. They're delicious!"

Arturo | Amazon Customer

Chihuahua, MX

mosaicos mexicanos
frijoles instantaneos
frijoles enteros cocidos


    You're going to eat

frijoles refritos

time and money

and also for save

rinde hasta 4 veces

Yields up to 4x

auténticos caseros

Authentic homemade 



desayuno con frijoles
sin desperdicios

No waste

sin conservadores

No conservatives

sin sellos de  advertencia

not warning labels

Frijol Al Minuto® is the  best kept secret of gastronomic experts, but also of mothers and fathers who for years have accompanied their stews with our beans, because they are... as if they were homemade.

See for yourself with the video!

Corazón Frijol Al Minuto
frijol bayo

Now you can make your beans to Al Minute

wherever you are


taza de frijol
taza agua
taza de agua


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línea amarilla

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de corazón

We're frijoleros

Traditions Al Minuto®

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